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A pause for introductions

Who had I met so far? Just about everyone I was going to meet by name, actually.

  • Mari, at the dock, pending boarding.
  • My cabin steward, Henry.
  • Alan at the emergency drill
  • Dede from the kayaking (as well as a whole bunch of other people, who I knew by face rather than name, from the same excursion), plus her travel companions, Stacey and Sheila.
  • The waitstaff for my assigned table, Anthony and Clive (both from India).
  • Lillian, from Italy, along with her husband and mother, and Carol and Shirley (from Australia) and their husbands, all of whom I met on boarding day when dining tables remained fluid. (My failure to remember names is due as much to the din in the dining room as bad memory. I almost couldn’t hear myself think most of the time.)
  • My “regular” dining table mates: Colin (from Australia), Molly and Joy (both originally from England now living in New Zealand), Steve, Louisa and Terese, and Carol (all from New Zealand). From here on out if I mention Carol, it’s this one, not the other.  I had actually met this Carol the first night, with Lillian, Carol & Shirley et al, but we didn’t know we were both actually at our assigned table at the time. PS It would have had to be Christmas to fit any more Carols around that first night’s table.
  • And of course any number of people whose faces would get familiar, in passing, but that I didn’t actually “meet” (make introductions, etc).

Yes, I was making all kinds of pleasant acquaintances so far. Tomorrow, however, I was going to Wellington. And that’s where I was finally going to meet a long-time friend.


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