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Best laid plans

Having made all of my connections and arrived in Auckland (and been hopelessly but briefly frustrated at the airport before finally sorting my ride), I am also finally able to pick up messages.

Well, sort of. The international connection does not seem to work as expected but I am able to send a safe-arrival message home.

And get confirmation that my planned Auckland tour for tomorrow, pre-boarding my cruise, is canceled due to insufficient registrations.

Awww. Disappointing.

This would likely be much more disappointing if it were not immediately followed by a couple of messages from Princess. We’re departing 1 hour earlier than planned, so check in will similarly move up an hour. And I’ve finally been assigned my cabin. My upgraded cabin. Upgraded to an outside cabin, with a window. Whoo-hoo!

My hotel, the very lovely Langham, is walking distance to the Quay (because it’s so directly and markedly downhill).

And so after a great night’s sleep (in a bed! hooray for horizontality!) and a leisurely coffee, I check out and begin my stroll.


I chat with a French backpacker en route and arrive at the Quay a good hour too early. Long enough to bond with a Kiwi named Mari, also too early and also being mistaken, multiple times over, as newly boarding staff rather than passengers.

But in a bit we are on board, ready to start our respective adventures anon.

And then, a few hours of exploring the ship… we all sail away.

Auckland Skyline from the Dawn Princess (2014, aka gringita)
Auckland Skyline from the Dawn Princess (2014, aka gringita)
Sailing Away (2014, aka gringita)
Sunset Sail Away (2014, aka gringita)

I won’t run into Mari again until we’re both navigating customs in my final port of call. But that is many days away yet.

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