Strangely, uncharacteristically restful

I worked through a day in the office that had a unique, surreal feel to it – I can almost guarantee that my boss is frenzied and stressed out, but at the moment there is literally nothing I can do to help, and what’s more, I am forced by circumstances not to trouble myself over it.

Each day has enough trouble of its own, anyway. But it feels indescribably odd to feel this peaceful about work, especially now.

It feels… restful.

I popped out of the office to have lunch today with a good friend, which was fun and refreshing and something I hope to do more often in future.  I had lunch on Sunday with two other good friends, a time of blessing and refreshment and update on so much I’ve been missing and a promise of re-connection in the near future… (All, always, God willing.)

Why should I be so blessed, that I have so much? A family and a family-of-friends that are so dear and precious – my heart can ache with loving them  – friends far and wide (including a few I have yet to meet – but hope to, one day soon), a boss and colleagues I both like and respect, a job that challenges me (OK, in a darker mood that would read, “stresses me”) and meets my financial needs (and some wants, to boot), health and strength… I could name blessings all day long before even touching on the real deep true blessings of eternal hope, eternal grace, eternal life….

I have so much and I haven’t “deserved” a single one of the blessings I have received and I am awed and humbled and so, so grateful

And that feeling is one I hope to carry with me for the next little while.

Thinking of you.  

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