peeves, there is something wrong with me

Easily irked

There’s going to be a headache later, I betcha.

Not because of impending weather (always a possibility). Not because I feel anything but fine, fine, fine, physically.

There’s going to be a headache, because that’s usually what happens when I’m this easily irked.

(Correlation, cause or effect, I don’t know.)

But the stupid company-issue smartphone that I hate (cough cough iPhone cough) decided after the last OS update to completely wipe my access to any and all company systems. You know, like email and calendars. Super helpful (NOT!), since that’s all I use it for.

And the Sniffler recently got moved closer to my seat which has been mostly not-awful but today he’s thrown in the occasional soul-piercing sniffle, and I am just brittle enough on that topic to have zero tolerance.

And there’s a guy who sits a section a short hop away from me who keeps his company instant-messenger volume up so loud that I jump every time he gets a message. Seriously dude? You are sitting right in front of the computer, not down the street from it. AND it also flashes at you when you get a message. There is simply NO need for it to be that loud. If I can hear YOUR incoming messages significantly louder than MY incoming messages, that’s just ridiculous.

And the lady in the next cubicle over… what the heck is she chewing that sounds like nails?

See? I am way too sensitive to small stuff today. Technology fails and especially noises. Equals high likelihood of a headache in my future. If a headache forming isn’t causing me to be such a hypersensitive b****, then the screaming inside my head over this stuff will very likely cause a headache before the day is out.

Is it just me, or do you have days like this, where you’re easily irked? What presses your buttons and peeves you?

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