Four Things I Wish WiiU Fit Could Let Me Do

OMG is she talking about her Wii Fit again?

Yes, indeed she is. (But she promises to talk about something else in the next few days.)

Hey, a while back I wondered aloud (if this counts as “aloud”) how the altimeter was working and then recently my Wii told me the answer, so what the heck? Ya gotta try, right?

So OK Nintendo, I really LOVE my Wii Fit, but this is what I’d like it to let me do. You know, next time you’re thinking about enhancements…

1. I’d like to be able to set my own goal for calories burned.

If I want to lose weight, Wii Fit asks me for How Much Weight I want to lose and In How Much Time I Want To Lose It. Then it will calculate a daily total of calories I need to burn to meet that goal and set it for the next week. (If I’m trying to gain, it doesn’t set a calories-burned goal at all, and if I’m trying to maintain it sets a goal that is based in part on my prior average calories, plus or minus some percent. Or some other algorithm I don’t fully understand.)

That’s okay (though it’s not asking me anything about what I eat and that seems like a failing in the equation), but I would really like it to tell me, before I accept my updated goal for calories burned, what that goal will be, and then let me adjust accordingly (rather than wait for the next week’s prompt to reset goals if desired).

  • Maybe I like round numbers, and I just want to change the 249 daily goal to 250. Why can’t I do that?
  • Maybe I am not aiming to lose weight, but I still want a daily calorie goal to keep me accountable to keep exercising. What then?
  • Or maybe there is no way in the history of history (or this year, which for Wii purposes is more to the point) that I burn more than X calories a day through exercise, but that’s what I’d have to do to meet my (apparently ridiculous) goals. Before setting it for the next week, tell me that and LET ME ADJUST MY GOAL accordingly if I can see my goal isn’t reasonable.

If you let me put in my OWN calorie burn goal and how long I’d like to maintain it, you could instead show me how much weight I stand to lose (or gain) all other things being equal. That’d be cool, and still involve goal setting. Right? Right?

2. Factor in activities entered against my daily burn goal.

Every so often, I forget to wear my Fit Meter. And every so often, Wii Fit reminds me to record activity that I didn’t capture on my Fit Meter or through playing on the Wii.

But while you let me enter activities for however many hours to capture that information, those don’t get added to my daily calories burned. Which means that if I forgot to wear the Fit Meter (or I wore clothes that a fit meter can’t really go with/on/under), it is almost impossible to hit my goal in the system, even if I actually exceeded it in reality.

Setting and reaching goals is a great motivator. Make it possible, even if I forget my Fit Meter, OK?

3. Let me mute or turn off the trainer commentary.

For the most part, a little commentary isn’t a bad thing and as much as I don’t always appreciate the feedback, it’s all OK. But seriously, the Trainer doesn’t need to say something between EVERY rep of an exercise. This is really obvious when I’m doing something with a quick turn time, like the Tricep Extension, and it’s BLAH BLAH BLAH with the same 4 tips as a constant running commentary. Sheesh, shut up already.

4. Let me set some parameters for “Personal Trainer”

I really like the feature to let the system randomly come up with some exercises to help me meet my goals (by calories – though I can only go against goal or a preselected set of numbers – or by time).

The personal trainer mixes and matches and gets me occasionally doing exercises that I forget about (or, honestly, like a lot less even though I should do them every once in a while). I love this feature to keep my workouts fresh.

Except there are no parameters I can set for it, and no ability (other than “shuffle” which brings up a completely new set) to ask it to swap out one or two exercises that don’t work for me.

  • So, here’s the thing. I’ve technically “unlocked” Plank for 90 seconds. Can I DO Plank for 90 seconds? No. I got that unlocked by trying 30 seconds enough times to release 60 and 90, but I’ve never done 90 and I actually can’t complete 60 yet. Honestly, I still struggle with 30 seconds, I’m just willing to keep at it. Same principle for things I’ve “unlocked” on the basis of 10 reps, but have never tried 20 let alone 30. What, are you trying to kill me?
  • I don’t play the golf Driving Range game because apparently I don’t do it right and can pretty much count on hurting myself trying. Therefore, I am smart enough to know that I shouldn’t play that in Wii, until and unless my skills improve outside of Wii.
  • I don’t do Flamenco because it involves stomping and I have downstairs neighbors who actually should kill me if I do that over their heads.
  • And I don’t do Hosedown or Dessert Course because (even when my TV wasn’t broken) I mostly exercise on the GamePad but they require the GamePad and TV in combination, which is really way more hassle than I’m willing to put in.
  • And sometimes, I don’t want something in the mix because I just finished doing a lot of it. (Like, I started with Body Balance and worked on an area that was lagging, but now I’m sort of done, thank you so much, with Boxing or Running or Step or whatever.)

Can I tell it not to put some items in the rotation, like, EVER?
Can I set maximum limits on how long or how many in a row it asks me to do at one time?
Can I pull one exercise out of the mix, and request a shuffle/replacement for just that item?

No, no and no. But it would be a great enhancement if I could.

That’s all for a while on this topic, I promise. Back to less Wii-ish flotsam in a few!

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