Solved, kind of: the mystery of the WiiU Fit Meter Altimeter

(Decidedly NOT a Nancy Drew Mystery. BTW: I loved those books as a kid.)

In one of my previous posts on the topic, I wondered how on earth the Wii Fit Meter altimeter was figuring my altitude, because on the surface it makes no sense at all.

My Wii recently told me the secret. (Courtesy of one of those otherwise mostly useless “tips” it shares with me — mostly useless because they are typically the same ones over and over again, reminding me about things I actually use allatime — and you know that, so why are you telling me this like it’s new information again? It’s perfectly OK NOT to give me a “Tip” EVERY day, you know.)

Whatever else it factors in… it’s using the barometric pressure to determine my altitude. Which is why sometimes in the same location I’m barely above sea level, and sometimes I’m several hundred feet up, and why it can change from minute to minute.

With the weather, yo.

So, whatever, my takeaway is that it’s not worth thinking about the Altitude Challenges, since the weather apparently has a big impact on “my results.”

So if that mystery was keeping you up at night since last I mentioned it, I’m happy to relieve your anxiety on this point. But I sincerely hope this hasn’t been making you lose sleep.

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