there is something wrong with me

In which a valuable (and likely expensive) lesson is learned

I had not one but two potential Wii-Fit-related blogs in the works for you, but I’m sidelining them for now in favor of bigger news.

My TV died.

More accurately, I killed it.

Technically this is also Wii-related news. In that my Wii Fit Meter (and my temper, on that particular day – hangs head in shame) got away from me, when I was unfortunately in very close proximity to the television, and thus in the process quite accidentally hit my TV screen…

Just hard enough to cause a small focused shatter mark at the very bottom of the screen, and a handful of oh-so-annoying-but-no-one-to-blame-but-myself vertical lines at one end of the screen,

I knew that I was going to have to replace the TV, of course, as soon as I saw what I’d done.

Here it is a week later, and overnight the effect has gone from minor nuisance (and effective reminder) to total destruction.

[It’s just a little ironic that my intense frustration with ONE technology failing to work as it should, turned into me destroying ANOTHER technology which was otherwise working just fine. It’s also really interesting how it’s one thing to know that fruit of the Spirit includes patience and forbearance, or to know that the Bible has some wisdom for us about controlling the temper… but it’s another, truly clarifying thing to see the outcome of losing one’s temper in such plain, visible ways. And the tangible aspects are just the surface, of course. But still. That is a very fine lesson. From that perspective, I’m thankful. In particular because in this instance no humans were injured in the process of my being a sinful idiot.]

But… now I’mahafta start researching technology and options and prices and think about delivery and removal and…


(Sigh. Don’t you just hate how actions have consequences?  Me too.)

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