On balance: short week, but long days

You’ve got to love a short week. This week, Monday was cancelled due to lack of interest. (And Labor Day, of course.)

But it does mean that the week has a surreal vibe. It gets hard to remember what day of the week it is. Turkey Tuesday in the cafeteria (that’s a thing here – and one of the only days the cafeteria is reliable) was over before I realized it even WAS Tuesday.  Oopsy.

Plus there’s still 5 days of work to do in this 4-day week. Which is why both Tuesday and Wednesday nights (pausing, checking I have those days right) my parents had to call me at Ridiculous O’clock to find out why they hadn’t heard from me on my way home … and it was because I was still at my desk.

Which means my dinner was late.

Which means my workout was late.

Which means my shower was late.

Which means getting in bed late.

Which means falling asleep late.

Which means getting up late.

Which means, once you factor in OMG THE SCHOOL BUSES! IT’S SEPTEMBER! I FORGOT ABOUT SCHOOL BUSES! I was really late for work. Where there is much to do…

(Rinse and repeat. Vicious cycle, you see.)

I’m not really complaining though. We could cancel Monday-as-Workday every week, and I think I’d adjust Just Fine Thank You.

Oh, man. Look at the time. And I can’t dilly dally in the morning, now that summer is over.

I’d best to get to bed. Like, two hours ago.

Good night, y’all.

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