flotsam, there is something wrong with me


Three day weekend. Labor Day.

It sneaks up on me, on everyone, it seems… how can we be closing out August already? I mean, seriously, didn’t summer just start?

And then we realize it’s approaching, and at work we all reassure one another that it IS coming… it IS.

A long weekend.



On Friday I ate something vaguely quiche-y. Grown up people can tolerate eggs, right?

Grown up people, other than me, that is.

So Saturday I was a queasy-peasy mess until the middle of the afternoon..

And then it passed. And I felt like a person. And life was good.

And then this morning I woke up at 6AM with a pounding headache. Medicate, sleep, get up to deal with nausea, try to sleep, pace the house, shift from one horizontal surface to another, sleep again…

Feeling worlds worse than the day before. Bleah.

When I’m feeling this sick, I’m really glad I live alone. There are no witnesses to the apathetic misery. The fact that a shower is a slow, iterative effort. That getting dressed happens in step-stage fashion that takes hours, with long pauses to rest and try to plan the next phase of the process.

Of course the down side is that if I need ginger ale and saltines, my two courses of action are to drag myself to the store to get them…

I bet I could make it there, if it came to that. Though I probably shouldn’t drive in that condition. I wonder if I could make it on foot. Oh come on, it’s really not that bad. Man up.

Or to phone a friend and see if they’d mind picking up some survival items for me…

I have really good friends. I bet they would help me out. And pray for me. I would have to pull myself together enough to be seen by other humans. And probably to straighten up a bit, because I bet the living areas are a train wreck right now. Right. Like that’s what you would need to worry about, if you were that sick. And PS, you are not that sick.

Anyway, it wasn’t the most fun day ever, but I’m feeling MUCH better now. (Thank you Lord.)

And while this isn’t really the way I wanted to spend the long weekend, I am glad that it IS a long weekend, so that there’s still a whole day left to enjoy the How Much Better I Feel.

2 thoughts on “Unfun”

  1. I’m sorry you were sick and next time (and I hope there isn’t a “next time”), do not hesitate to call or text to ask me to pick up saltines and ginger ale (or whatever you may need)! I love you!


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