Shopping fail. Or maybe designer fail.

Apparently, if you want a few pairs of black slacks for work — for instance if you’ve lost a little weight and safety pinning yourself into the old ones is no longer viable — there are a limited number of options.

  • You will find a handful of pants in normal, office-appropriate fabrics, which are marked as Petite but are, in fact, Extra Tall.
  • You will find a host of pants that look like they’re office-appropriate, but are, in fact, stretch material. Like, super, form fitting, ridiculous, are you kidding me, stretch material.  Which would be okay, actually, were they in the casual section and not with the professional clothes, attached to labels that say things about being “stylish” “trendy” and “work-worthy.”

I’m sure I’m the last person to judge whether they are stylish. I am completely on board with their being trendy.

But “work-worthy?”

I suppose that depends on where you work. The girl at the register was working, and she looked totally stylish and trendy in them.

I, however, am a largely grown up person working at a Fortune 500 company that only relatively recently let us go to “business casual” (and our business casual is dressier than “professional” dress at other companies I’ve worked for).

I can’t wear any of these choices to work.

I hate shopping. I extra special hate shopping when I can’t find anything.\


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