today has a theme song

Lost in time

Yesterday I was talking to a colleague, and made a reference to an old 80’s tune.

This one:

The future’s so bright, I need a pair of earplugs.

And only after I’d made this reference did I realize that the song in question came out roughly eternity ago.

And this colleague? Might not have been born then.

And when I realized this combination of facts, I stopped and said: “OMG I am SO OLD.”

She just laughed.

Then on the way home from work, I was chatting with my mom, and she was mentioning how old my sister was going to be at her next birthday, and how that translated to how old I will be at my next birthday…

And I corrected her to say that I’m already that age.

And then she spoke really slowly and reminded me what year I was born, and what month it is now…

And you know what? Apparently at some point between my last birthday and now I started adding an extra year to my age. Like, in January I just did a quick “Plus One” to my age. I had two birthdays last year, and didn’t even get the extra presents to go with it!

We had a good laugh about it. And with the mental correction, I just got younger. Sort of.

Except for the earlyish-onset senility, apparently.

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