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The kind of crazy I am

I have a trip planned for the fall, and I find myself wanting to start  packing for it already. And by that, I don’t just mean, “I catch myself making lists of things to pack at a later, more reasonable time.”  Oh no. The list is well and truly built. I actually want to take out a suitcase, and start putting things in it. Like, there’s a part of me thinking I need to take the outfits I’ll wear months from now out of the rotation, so they’ll be clean and ready. (As opposed to dusty and wrinkled?)

I think it, and even I know it’s kind of crazy. (So, no, I haven’t started packing for that trip. Yet.)

In addition to my packing list spreadsheet (and my maintain-my-health-spreadsheet — I am a big “spreadsheet” person, yo) I also have a “T minus” spreadsheet. It calculates how long between Now (or Now? or Now? or Now?) and my next travel departure.

In months.

And in weeks.

And in days.

And in hours.

Yes, I can tell you how many hours until I leave on my next trip. (Or at least, I can if you give me a second to pull up my spreadsheet? No? Maybe later.)

I don’t calculate it in minutes though.

I mean, it might feel like I’m counting the minutes until I can go on vacation, but I didn’t calculate it down that way. Mostly because I figure if the departure is down to the place where it can only be counted in minutes, I probably need to be getting ready to leave, and not looking at my travel ticker tick downward.

See? That seems almost lucid of me, right?


OK, OK. It’s all a little “off” but I’m sure it’s just the overwork.

I just need a little vacation.

Let me go add that to my spreadsheet…


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