flotsam, there is something wrong with me

Good morning. Pass the coffee please.

You know that thing where you are stressed out at work and then you take your mind off it with an episode of Fargo and then, because you should really be paying attention to every detail but you were distracted when it got started, you start watching the followup replay of Fargo and tell yourself you’ll just watch the first bit but you get drawn right back in and end up watching most of it but then you realize that you really, really have to get to bed because (aw rats!) the next day is a work day (and won’t this be on-demand in another day or so anyway)… so you make yourself go to bed but then you can’t fall asleep because without the distraction you’re work-antsy again so you toss and turn and get in and out of bed and finally, finally fall asleep but then you dream about work and wake up way too early thinking about it and you check the clock and try to tell yourself you could get in another sleep cycle, but you can’t make yourself go back to sleep so you get up “just for a bit”” and just as you start to feel like yes, now I am really tired and could nod off and probably sleep for a week, you realize the alarm is going off in, like, 2 minutes?


Oh. Um. No, me neither. I mean, really, who does that?

need to knock back lots of coffee
I think I’ll need a bit more, if you don’t mind…

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