What happened yesterday

Yesterday (technically, it was yesterday) as I pulled into my driveway (after an extremely long but not totally horrific day at the office), I could see a police car, lights flashing, blocking entrance to the next lot over.

I pulled into my lot, got out of my car, walked toward my building, and even before I turned the corner, I could see the yellow tape blocking the way to my neighbor’s place.

Uh oh.

As I got closer to the corner, I could see the tape blocked the entire walkway, and that I couldn’t get around that way. Continue reading “What happened yesterday”

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The kind of crazy I am

I have a trip planned for the fall, and I find myself wanting to start  packing for it already. And by that, I don’t just mean, “I catch myself making lists of things to pack at a later, more reasonable time.”  Oh no. The list is well and truly built. I actually want to take out a suitcase, and start putting things in it. Continue reading “The kind of crazy I am”


I know about “Judge Not…” but she’s making it impossible

The small box I sit in at work (aka my cubicle) was recently relocated up to the second floor.

The outcomes: much more visibility (Meh), many more people around (Not as bad as an extreme introvert might think), significant distance from the Sniffler (Hallelujah!!), many more stairs taken in the course of a day (Fitness win), and easy access to the “nicer” ladies room… Continue reading “I know about “Judge Not…” but she’s making it impossible”