What happened yesterday

Yesterday (technically, it was yesterday) as I pulled into my driveway (after an extremely long but not totally horrific day at the office), I could see a police car, lights flashing, blocking entrance to the next lot over.

I pulled into my lot, got out of my car, walked toward my building, and even before I turned the corner, I could see the yellow tape blocking the way to my neighbor’s place.

Uh oh.

As I got closer to the corner, I could see the tape blocked the entire walkway, and that I couldn’t get around that way. Continue reading “What happened yesterday”

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The kind of crazy I am

I have a trip planned for the fall, and I find myself wanting to start  packing for it already. And by that, I don’t just mean, “I catch myself making lists of things to pack at a later, more reasonable time.”  Oh no. The list is well and truly built. I actually want to take out a suitcase, and start putting things in it. Continue reading “The kind of crazy I am”