Lost: words worth saying

I noticed, as winter wore inexorably on, that most of what remained of my thoughts went from mildly snarky to downright complainy. Molehills to mountains; minor inconveniences into full-blown grievances.

I’d think about blogging, but then I decided that everything in my head was all much more grumpy than entertaining or interesting. It benefited no one to share so much negativity. We were all cold. We were all tired of snow and ice, dark and wind. Everyone gets frustrated with traffic. No one enjoys the sound of sniffling in the office (though some are lucky enough to be able to be largely oblivious to it). The only people who are never frustrated or stressed out about their work are the people who are frustrated and stressed out about not working.

Life in a fallen world is simply hard, and my little frustrations are a blip on the grand scale. Truly, I have so much to be thankful for that it’s shameful for me to complain at all.

Like, ever.

Even I know it.

So there was no need for me to keep stirring all that mess up.

And so I said nothing at all.

I have said so much nothing that it feels strange to say something. Even something like this, which is not very much.

I’ll see if I can’t do better. I’ll understand if you don’t want to stick around while I find out.

1 thought on “Lost: words worth saying”

  1. All bloggers experience an ebb and flow. Some rise Phoenix-like from the ashes once more, while others disappear into oblivion. Too many of my former faves fall into the second category, so I’m happy to see YOU writing again.

    Even if you’ve got nothing to say. 😉


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