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I know it could be worse

I could be living in parts of the country that are forecast for 12 to 18 inches of snow today. I could be living in places that treat snow a foot deep as “a dusting.”

So, yes, I could treat a little frost mid April like it’s a small inconvenience and not the proverbial straw (of camel fame).


But honestly, this winter was brutal, and enough is just enough. I was so happy the ice age seemed to be giving way to Spring. I was happy to have stored the winter coat and gloves, to have stashed the ice scraper away for another year.

But no. I needed that ice scraper today, because we got more than a little frost. We got just enough ice to need a scraper and want gloves and a warmer coat. Only one of which was readily available in the moment.

Yeah, ok. It’s just a little ice, and not inches to feet of snow like they’re warning up north.

But Waikoloa is reporting 73 at 2 am their time. Seems like that’s where I want to be.

Stay warm out there, folks.

2 thoughts on “I know it could be worse”

  1. I know, it kinda stunk having to put that big, heavy, brown winter jacket back on this week to go to work. My ice scraper was AWOL, too. Shame on it!


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