Be as negative as you possibly can

Most people will tell you how important it is to stay positive. Be positive.

And there’s a lot to be said for positivity.

But negativity has its place, too.

When facing most medical tests — such as cancer screenings for instance — you want to be negative.

You want to be completely, utterly negative.  Absent even a hint of positivity.

You want to be as negative as you possibly can, as much as you have any say in it.

Choose good food, good air, exercise, sunscreen, screenings… and be just as negative as your genes and environment and the sheer, undeserved grace of God will allow.

(Then, if you are positive, be as positive as you can while you fight your way back, by grace, to a negative state.)

I had my test earlier this week. I got my results back, and I was negative.

Which, unintuitively, is a positive.  (And yes, I am really thankful for that.)

But it makes me realize how weird our language is…

I got past the midpoint of my commute on Friday night and when the person on the other side of the phone (I was sitting at a light at the time, and hands free, of course!) asked how my trip home was going, I said, in all sincerity: I’m over the hill, so that’s good.

And then I laughed, because it is only in the most literal sense that being “over the hill” would be seen as a good thing.

Our language is really weird.
Or maybe it’s me.
Both, maybe.  😉


Wishing you all the negativity you need!

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