I’m still here and as random as ever

It’s hard to tell I’m here, because I haven’t posted in waaay too long. But here I am. And here’s an update. Of the extra random, flotsamy variety. Hey, I’m out of practice, bear with me.


I have been wandering around the house lately, thinking about my friends in the area that I haven’t seen… well, really, I can’t even remember when I last saw them. Was it my dinner party? No, that’s right, it was February. Riiight: for the Feb birthdays.

I miss them. Like, a lot. Thinking of them a lot. Not really getting in touch, though.

And the less I get in touch, the less we’re in touch, the longer we’re out of touch, the less it feels normal for me to just get in touch already.

Life is stupid this way. I’m being stupid this way.


I am planning a vacation.

I am planning multiple vacations, actually, as I am prone to do.

I am wondering who I could get to pick up my mail a few times while I’m away, since having the post office hold my mail has proven to be a Big Fat Failure enough times for me to know better.


Details, details.


In addition to planning vacations, I’ve been compiling little lists of things to do in or around my Sis’ area, so we can either have a short getaway or some fun daytrips or something.

That would be good. Really good, in fact. Because my sister is another person I don’t see or talk to Even Close To Often Enough.

So maybe we’ll talk over some options, over Easter weekend.  It will be good to see her, anyway.


On a completely different note, today I went and got squished in the interest of health.

It’s one of those things women should have done to them at least once as a baseline (in my case, something I should have had done roughly 5-10 years ago) and then keep doing every year starting (oh around now or so, depending on your doctor’s current read on the general medical standards).

But I am really, really good at ignoring tests that should be done just because. In fact, I am good at ignoring medical tests all the way around, unless there’s some kind of problem.

So I’d had the referral from my ObGyn in my car for almost 2 years, with good intentions but no actions taken.  (I said, I was good at ignoring these things. Did you not believe me?)

And in the interim, one of my cousins got the diagnosis no one wants, and is just fighting the heck out of that situation, with a spunk and spirit that’s very encouraging, while we on the sidelines of the physical battle pray for her.

And then 2 weeks ago, a different doctor’s office just mailed me another referral slip. Unsolicited. Just because.

Hey, go get this test and check in with us.

And then last week, I was doing my nightly workout when my home phone rang. I wasn’t in a position to answer (like, literally), but the caller was listed as “Breast Cancer S”.

(That’s right… Breast Cancers were calling me.  Seriously, that doesn’t seem like a call anyone wants to take.  I am guessing that was someone soliciting support for cancer research or something, but they might want to rethink what comes up on the caller ID, right??)

Anyway, that felt like enough signs that even the deliberately hard of listening (read as, me) ought to go ahead and schedule themselves a quick test. So, ok. Done and done. I’m a week from results, but hoping for good news, of the no news variety.

Not to understate the issue too much, but a clean bill of health on that count (on any and all counts, actually) would be really nice.


It’s April. In my world, it’s a month full of birthdays. Yes, yes. There were the Feb birthdays. And then I didn’t see but definitely thought of my March birthday friends. And here’s it’s April and I have cousins and old friends and children-of-friends celebrating (already) and more friends with their Days Rapidly Approaching. Y’all are making my mental calendar noisy.

But I hope your days are Most Excellent Indeed.  😀


And that is me, proving my continued existence.  Semi-random and flotsamy as it might be.

I’ll try not to wait months to post another update.

4 thoughts on “I’m still here and as random as ever”

  1. April birthdays are the best! Why, just last weekend we celebrated 4 of them in Seattle. Must have something do to with the heat in July making people strip off their clothes.

    Hey, it’s as good a theory as any. Nice to see you around.


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