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5 Things I Love (and Hate) about WiiU Fit

I got the WiiU for Christmas. It was the sort of thing I had added at some point to my wish list, not so much a clear intention to get it or even to ask for it, as much as to noodle on it a while.

I could not have been more surprised when I actually got it for Christmas. (Thanks again, Mom & Dad!)

It came with one of those driving games that I literally cannot even watch without getting motion sickness, but I knew what game I wanted first… Wii Fit.

My Sister and Brother in Law loaned me their Wii Fit balance board, Wii Fit Plus and another game (Thanks again, D & L!)  so I could get started and give it all a go before I committed to purchasing it for myself…

OK, so first, I discovered that I needed a real remote, not just the game console, in order to play anything except the game that came with it. Which means I first started playing on January 2.

And then because I wanted to try some of the other included games, I needed a nunchuk.

And then I liked it enough that I decided that I did want to own it for myself, so I bought a balance board, and WiiU Fit (which came with the Fit Meter), and of course Wii U Fit included dance and climbing games that required a second remote… so I bought those too…

But as much as this has proven to be an accessory drain, I have to admit, I’ve played every day since January 2.

I am surprisingly motivated not to let a day go by without a little stamp on my Wii Fit calendar.
I am going to be very disappointed the first time I’m away somewhere and can’t earn one.

I love the WiiU Fit:

  1. I love that sometimes when I step on the balance board, it says, “Great!”
  2. I love the silly reinforcements: the encouraging “great job!” and “nice punch!” and “you’re keeping a steady pace!” statements built in mid-exercise.
  3. I love the Wii Fit Meter keeping count of my footsteps all day (so I can see how far off I am from a target of 10,000 steps in a day). Hint: still pretty far off.
  4. I love how many different ways there are to get working out. Select an individual game. Select a preset mini workout, or combine a couple of them. Get a randomly-generated workout geared to burn X calories or last Y minutes. Or I can define up to three workout series of my own.
  5. I love that I can work out using just the console screen (for all but a few games) which means I can do my workout while I watch TV. Which means I can just get up and work out without changing the TV inputs etc.

It’s awesome. Yes, I totally, totally love the WiiU Fit.

I also hate the WiiU Fit:

  1. I hate how sometimes I step on the balance board, and although sometimes it says, “Great!” other times it says, “Oh!” as if it’s surprised I’m there, and sometimes it says “Ooh!” as if I am hurting it.
    Come on. If you don’t have something nice to say, maybe you could just shut-up-shutten-up.
  2. I hate how if my weight has fluctuated upwards even by a fraction, I have to hear about it, complete with a disappointed, “Maybe you should reset your goals?” kind of comment. (Usually followed immediately with a statement about weighing in at different times of the day, and how there are fluctuations in weight throughout the day that more than make up for the variation.)  If you know that, then why are you giving me this much crap about it? Could you try to be a little encouraging? And PS, my BMI is now solidly in the normal range, so a little less attitude in general would be appreciated.
  3. I hate that it wants me to take the Wii Fit Meter off when using WiiU Fit training, because the game will calculate my calories burned more accurately… which is fine but the game doesn’t also keep track of my footsteps.  (Why can’t the game track my footsteps for me, or why can’t I set the meter to temporarily ONLY track footsteps? …Frustrated sigh.)
  4. I hate that it has its own goals, and I can’t tell it otherwise. Like, how the trainer is all attitude about “your leg is a little shaky” when, Yo, I am not worried about my balance: I am doing the exercise, I am keeping pace, and I am tightening and toning the target muscles. I’ll worry about perfecting my balance later, OK?
    Or I’ll be doing the step aerobics, and I’ll get off step, and rather than just ding me the game points and go on about its business, it feels the need to pause itself to tell me I’m out of sync with the game, or on the wrong foot, or whatever, and give me some “helpful” suggestion about staying in step.
    Dude, I know I’m off step, and I’m not worried about it. I’ll learn the routines, I’ll figure out the timing… eventually. For now I just want to keep moving. YOUR goal is that I be in rhythm, but MY goal is an aerobic workout, and for that I need to keep my heart rate up. You pausing to tell me how off-step I am is therefore significantly less than helpful to MY goals.
  5. And I hate, I mean I really hate, that it gives ridiculous feedback about how many calories I need to burn (and have I been missing exercise lately?) when there’s no way for me to tell it that MAYBE I don’t still need to burn 500 calories tonight because MAYBE I ate 300 fewer calories than usual at lunch (and by the way, I’ve worked out more than 60 minutes RIGHT HERE ON THE WII every dang day for more than a week so YOU KNOW DARN WELL I HAVEN’T BEEN MISSING MY EXERCISE LATELY, POOPHEAD.)

(Heavy sigh. Cleansing breath.)

Anyway, I gotta go. I’m up for another workout.

See ya.

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