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Productive (Or, 10 Things I Did Today)

Today I…

  1. Got a  significant Peapod delivery
  2. Smashed my toe and wondered if that was a bad sign
  3. Got in a Wii-U Fit workout
  4. Baked bread — which was looking like it was going to go rather wrong as of last night but looks like it might be passable after all
  5. Set multiple things from freezer to fridge that need to thaw by tomorrow
  6. Pre-prepped everything that reasonably could be, for tomorrow’s sides
  7. Got the leaf back into the table
  8. Made the filling for Cuban señoritas (which I sincerely hope come out OK, because I’m counting on them being dessert tomorrow)
  9. Cleaned the house
  10. Looked forward to having some dear friends over tomorrow night

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