It’s rather cold out. And in here, too.

It’s really, really cold here.

Yes, there are colder places in the world, but today’s range ran from 5 to 13 degrees Fahrenheit, not counting the horror of the (significant) wind chill. I’m sorry, but a “high” of 13 is just wrong; to call 13 a “high” by any stretch is just far too optimistic by my standards.

It’s cold, even here in my apartment that’s never, ever cold. It took a full day of running the oven at 500 degrees to get the thermostat to start creeping up from the far-too-cold-for-indoors reading of 61 it had for most of the day.

Factors most likely contributing to the ridiculous and uncharacteristic cold in my place:

  • It’s, like, insanely cold outside. People who have to pay for their heat are going to be paying a lot trying to compensate for the degree-days.
  • The new inside door, while conveniently including a ledge that keeps air from blowing under it, is metal. Not unlike the outside door.  You know what metal is? It’s an excellent conductor of heat. Or in this case, distinct lack of heat. So basically, the entire downstairs foyer is the same temperature as outside (sans wind-chill), and that cold is creeping right up the stairs to me.
  • My downstairs neighbors were away. Two points of evidence exist for this: (1) their smoke alarm started beeping in the night, and didn’t stop until mid-afternoon today, after I reported it to the nice maintenance man who was here for something else entirely (and I can attest to the fact that they would NOT have slept through it, had they been home), and (2) the floor of my place, which may get cool but is rarely truly cold because I get the benefit-in-winter, curse-in-summer of the fact that heat rises. But there was no heat to be had from their place today. I’m cold right through my Acorn slippers.

2 thoughts on “It’s rather cold out. And in here, too.”

    1. Thanks… But really, you don’t wish for it. It’s all just cold fingers and toes, risk of frostbite, and high heating bills. Nothing redeeming like fresh pretty playful snow, or anything. Ah well, spring will come… And after that I can start griping about the heat! 🙂


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