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Not since Girl Scouts

I’ve said it before and I have no doubt I’ll say it again…
I don’t cook.
That said, occasionally I do, in fact, tinker about the kitchen. In fact I’m planning a dinner even now.

1 Main course predetermined and relatively hard to mess up (though I did once – lesson hopefully learned).
2 Side starch is basic, but one I haven’t made in a decade. Crossing my fingers.
3 Side veggies (2) feel safe enough.

That leaves desserts.
Neither of which I’ve made before.
One, in fact, that I’ve heard of, and found interesting conceptually, but never even had before.

Spiced pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

As far as I can remember, I haven’t even made cupcakes since girl scouts.
But tonight as you can see, I did. Because I didn’t want to totally guinea pig my friends.

So I made pumpkin cupcakes.

Ingredients = cake mix (yellow, though I’m told chocolate can also work), pumpkin, and some cinnamon and a bit of ginger. And frosting, of course. It made just over a dozen cupcakes.

They’re not bad. But they’re not so great that I’ll make them for company.
Hopefully the other recipe will work out.

Now what am I going to do with all these cupcakes? I can’t eat them all… Or at least not if I don’t want to undo all my healthier-decision-making.

I guess I’ll have to foist them off share them with my colleagues.

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