When she’s not here

The morning-shift lady from the cafeteria is not only still here at lunchtime, but seems to be running the show.

This is never a good sign.

Not that I don’t like the morning lady. She’s really very nice. Handles the morning admirably. But it’s a different ballgame come lunchtime, and things tend to go wrong when the lunch-shift person isn’t here to manage it.

Sure enough, our regular lunchtime staffer is out today

  • All the supplies for this building come from HQ, down the street, and our absent friend is the one that makes sure we get actual food and not scraps and leftovers and the stuff they think no one else — or no one that matters since we here at the satellite office clearly don’t matter though our money spends just the same — will want. So when she’s not here to direct that process, it’s anybody’s guess what the staff at HQ will send over, and whether it will actually be food.
  • When she’s not here, the head office leaves the morning lady to run the register (again, very nice lady) and they send someone from the HQ kitchen to sort out food preparation for her. I don’t know what job he usually has, but I don’t think it’s food handling. I’m sorry man, but can you humor me and change your gloves before you work on my order? Because I honestly don’t know what you were doing in the kitchen a minute ago, but I can’t rule out that it may have involved handling garbage. Or solvents. Or poo. <<Shudder>>
  • When she’s not here, things go wrong. This is because when she IS here, she makes sure that the recipes she is responsible for start with the right ingredients and even if someone else makes them, if someone tells her something is wrong with the food, she does something about it.  So I am pretty sure that if she was here, the tzatziki sauce on my gyro would have been made with PLAIN and not VANILLA yogurt and even if it accidentally was made with vanilla, reporting that wouldn’t result in blank stares and an “explanation” that it came from the other building. I’m not blaming you. I’m not asking who is responsible. I’m not yelling about it. But I’m TELLING you, you should not serve that to customers

I’m sorry but gyros shouldn’t taste like they’ve been frosted.

No one should have to try to scrape and dab their meal to try to salvage it. Ever. But especially at these prices.

And as a general rule, eating lunch shouldn’t make one feel sick on so many levels.

I really hope she was just out today, and not all week long, short week though it may be. Because when she’s not here, the cafeteria quality literally goes from insult to injury.

3 thoughts on “When she’s not here”

  1. I’ll gladly send you my cafeteria manager. He’s a hard worker, is never absent (unfortunately) and makes terrific “healthy” breakfast burrito omelettes and things like that that can be had at lunch time. (I run for the hills!)


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