flotsam, peeves, there is something wrong with me


OK, for those of you who were really very concerned about my mental state following yesterday’s post

  1. I am not, in fact, going to lose it and go off, just because The Sniffler can’t figure out the proper use of tissues or decongestants. It’s going to be fine. Probably.
  2. The big concern re: a direct conversation (ie, “Hey. I don’t know if you know this, but your sniffling — and I’m sure it’s not fun for you either, sorry — is really distracting. Can you do anything about that?”) is that it starts to cross over into a medical area. And we’re not sure if HR is OK with us bringing up the topic, even though our reason has to do with work environment and peaceful coexistence, not health concerns.
  3. Already talked to my boss. She hears it and hates it too, and isn’t any more sure than I am about what we can do about it. Apparently the only “free space” to move me to is in a high-traffic area on the even-noisier 2nd floor. Or to work from home more often. Which is not a problem at all in terms of company policy, but trades off I’m-less-productive-because-I’m-distracted-and-angry for I’m-less-productive-because-my-connection-is-slower.
  4. He’s slightly less drippy-sounding today. I barely hear him through the white noise. By comparison, that makes today a win.

On a much happier topic, The Ladies are coming tomorrow morning. And although that means a much earlier Saturday than I might prefer otherwise, I am very glad because I haven’t seen them in forever. Or what feels like forever, but is actually a few months. Too long, anyway. So yay.

So… what-all are you doing this weekend?

1 thought on “Addendum”

  1. How about giving him some of those nasal strips that widen the nose? That’ll send a message! Glad to hear hear you had a better day. Enjoy tomorrow. PT was good this afternoon. They gave the dry needles and hopefully the pins and needles will help me relax this weekend.


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