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Not exactly vacation…

But I have been in Nashville for work for a few days.

It’s not the first time I’ve been to Nashville, though I’m not sure how much my prior visit counts, since it consisted of 1 day walking around downtown (in the rain).

It’s Music City, which would be terribly exciting to many people, but really isn’t such a big deal to me.

Still, I have been staying in the GINORMOUS Gaylord Opryland

…which needs an app to help navigate it. Seriously. It’s beautiful, but if all those nooks and crannies had a jogging track, you could get a heck of a workout.

… It also needs an update to the sign at the D3 elevator on the second floor so as NOT to send people toward the Conference Center in search of ice and vending, because there is no ice and vending at that end. Just the conference center. What there is instead is a very small, very easy-to-miss sign at the far end of the wing, on a plaque on the wall, saying that ice and vending are in fact on the 3rd floor. Except by the time you get to that sign, you’re at the conference wing, and the only way to the pertinent 3rd floor is to backtrack all the way to the elevator, go up a flight, and trek all the way back. God help you if you’re actually thirsty, and housekeeping hasn’t yet gotten around to replenishing your bottled water supply.

… It also needs to retrain Brad at the bell desk because it is really, REALLY not good customer service to have a customer check out of their room, come all the way to one end of the hotel to leave their bags secure until the conference ends, and then send them all the way back – bags in tow – to the conference center with promises that “the conference has arranged for bag check at the conference center and airport transfer from the Delta Portico,” if in fact (a) that “bag check” consists of people being allowed to leave their bags in a hallway where, granted, some staffers are watching over them but there’s no system whatsoever to ensure no one just confidently walks up and takes a bag that doesn’t belong to them and (b) the “transfer” that’s been set up is, in fact, the transfer back to other hotels for those who couldn’t get a room in the hotel itself. (AIRPORT transfer was still from the front of the hotel. Meaning the need to haul everything back AGAIN.) A misunderstanding, perhaps, but nevertheless, if a customer shows up already having carried their life, snail-like, on their back, and asks to leave BAGS with BELL SERVICE, it would be nice if Bell Service didn’t just send them packing to the far end of the earth again.

That said, it IS a beautiful hotel. And it IS ginormous. So much so that I spent the better part of one afternoon just exploring.

I really didn’t get out much, especially once the conference got underway. Too much too do, too far to go.

I did, however, get a chance to walk over to the Grand Old Opry, and take the backstage tour. Which was really interesting, even for someone who isn’t really a country music afficionado.

I stood on the stage. More than that… I sang on the stage of the Grand Old Opry, y’all.

Yeah, OK, so it was a verse of “You Are My Sunshine” along with everyone else on the tour, but it’s a true statement, nonetheless.

So despite being worn down by the sheer size and the long days and the being “on” all the time, I can’t say it there wasn’t any fun built in.

I still need a vacation. But before that, I would really like to sleep in my own bed.

2 thoughts on “Not exactly vacation…”

  1. I checked out photos of the place – wow. They should name it Grand Ole Workout! Cool you were able to sing on stage at the Grand Old Opry!


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