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Finishing touches?

OK, enough is ALMOST enough, as it turns out, because I decided to revisit the living area.

Since I’d just updated the pictures in my bedroom, I also decided to swap out some of my pictures in the entryway, to keep them on-theme.

Oh, and because that just wasn’t a big enough undertaking, I also decided to get rid of the ridiculously oversized 80’s-era speakers for my stereo and replace them with some very simple, small speakers from Pyle (just as good sound quality).

But the primary value of the BIG outdated speakers was that had acted as surface space in my place. Once I moved them, allasudden I didn’t have any place to put some of the pictures I love (and that match my hanging mirror).

Conveniently enough, just at that moment I got a thank-you giftcard from work and that allowed me to get this small console table and move the coordinating frames right under the mirror, and yet not block the staircase.

And the extra space also allowed me to move the bookcase ever-so-slightly (necessitating emptying it completely, of course)… and that gave me room to move the wine rack out of my bedroom… and while I’m at it why not thin out the decorative items from the bookshelf and put some on the console and some on the table…

Which, without the leaf in it, can fit very nicely diagonally in the dining room, centered under the light.


I love it when a plan comes together.

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