decorating and other disasters

It’s getting there. No, really.

And then, after the living room started to pull together, there were updated pictures for my bedroom, again thanks to gift cards I’d received for my birthday.

Collage frame

In the end, I liked something less busy for the wall beside my bed, so pictures of Italy sit on that wall (which works with the pic of my sister and I at St. Mark’s on my dresser), while this collage frame ended up in the hall outside my room.

The other frame I picked is over the bed. I admit it seems a little lost up there; the previous picture was bigger and I think the space calls for it.. I might have to find another collage frame and cluster them. Still, I’m liking the direction, and feeling close to done in here…

Well, those lamps still have to go, but I’m feeling less urgent about it.

Besides, it’s only a hop skip and jump from opening that can of worms to deciding I need new furniture in here, too. And I AM NOT DOING THAT, PEOPLE! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!






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