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So I’ve gone a little nuts

As I’ve been making all these changes (and they’re not being related to you in order, necessarily), the furniture in my living room has started to bother me more and more.

When I moved into my apartment, I was in the process of filing for divorce, and in need of a place to live and new furnishings in a hurry (mostly because while my parents were very generous about being willing to let me stay with them until I got settled, the 2-hours-each-way commute from their place to my office just wasn’t going to be feasible long term).

So I was simultaneously shopping for furniture and shopping for an apartment to put it in.

Virtually everything in my apartment – with the exception of my bed and the rugs and a handful of decorative items I took with me when I left – were either bought in a hurry on consignment or required assembly (thanks again for all your help with the building, Dad!)

Since I wasn’t sure what my place would look like as I picked out a lot of those consignment items, I focused on pieces that would give me flexibility.

In the living room, that meant seating that matched each other (an upgrade in itself from my marital digs) but were neutral enough that I could decorate around them.

I bought a sofa and loveseat set in cream (almost a perfect match to the walls, as it turned out) with a tone-on-tone stripe, and used throw pillows to add color once I was settled in my new place.

It was perfectly fine, extremely sturdy, bland furniture.

For years.
And years.
And years.
And years.

Until I was tired to death of looking at it and its perfect-match-to-the-walls featurelessness.

But I really had no concrete plans to do anything about this, until I was out with my parents who desperately need to replace their well-loved and accordingly well-worn living room furniture.

And I found another, completely new, slightly less bland sofa and chair for my apartment. On sale, yet.

Out with the old, in with the new.



That meant updating the living room lamp. And now I debate the old area rug or a new one….

And I am already thinking about upgrading all of the large picture frames in the living and dining rooms, since the current ones are very cheap. In every sense. And I’m tired of having to hold them together with tape.

Sheesh. This whole thing just cascades on and on.

4 thoughts on “So I’ve gone a little nuts”

  1. My furnishings would probably make an interior decorator gasp in horror. Not only are they mismatched, but half were purchased new, the other half, from Craigslist or garage sales. I like to call it “eclectic chic” but I’m not sure others would agree.


    1. Eclectic you’ve chosen and love is fabulous. Eclectic that’s been thrust upon you by a hoarding spouse sucks. Oh, wait… That was my past decorating life, not yours. LOL.


      1. You should have seen the first sofa my ex ever fell in love with. Black, glossy, and neon-patterned. With a matching kidney-shaped coffee table. VERY late 80s! Those things turned my stomach.


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