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And the beat goes on

And then there was my bathroom.

For starters, the medicine cabinet and the baseboard heat both had issues similar to the one in the kitchen: wall paint had been applied to both of these metal elements. The main difference was that in this case, it’s a steamy environment to boot, so I’d already had to make touchups, almost as soon as I moved in. Though on the plus side, I was considerably less likely to be injesting it in this case.

I’d also never realized, until very recently, that they sell products (relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use products, actually) to let you touch up chips in porcelain, so some of the uglier worn spots on the tub, that I’d lived with all these years, could be retouched as well. I don’t know if these are new inventions since I moved in – Why else wouldn’t the apartment complex have fixed some of these things? –  but I’m glad it was so painless to make an improvement.

Decoratively speaking – and this is all on me – things were a mishmash. The bathroom in my first apartment was in shades of dusty pink and slate blue and I still had the towels and pictures and miscellaneous chotchkes that matched that set. My “new” set – meaning the set that I got when I moved into THIS apartment almost a decade and a half ago – was in pastel shades (the “dusty” and “slate” elements of my old towels not really working with the new, so much) and I’d bought a matching sink skirt (back when sink skirts were more readily available to go with bethroom sets) to use as a curtain in the shower window.

(Yes. There’s a window in my shower. It’s just small enough to be a problem in terms of curtain size and it’s highly inconvenient as any curtain placed over the window gets wet AND unless there IS a curtain, the opaque window needs to be kept closed in order to prevent putting on a show for the neighbors when bathing, BUT it’s the only ventilation for the bathroom so if one intends to generate any steam in the shower, it needs to be open. Can you tell that I think this is the worst design ever?!? )

So although it was a weird application for it, at least the sink skirt served the purpose, and quite admirably, for a very long time. But time had, in the end, not been kind to it.

Finally, way back when, I’d bought a nice set of peach towels to go with the whole set, and with those in place, it all looked quite nice together.  When it was new. Or even new-ish.

By now, it was mostly just servicable.

And the colors were so far out of style that I couldn’t even find more towels to go with it, to rotate out what needed replacing.

This was all going to have to change.

BUT… curtains suited to fit in a tiny in-shower window? Bathroom curtains (or even a sink skirt) that ‘s not just plain, ugly, vinyl?  Good luck to me!

The process of looking for a replacement (or waiting for peach to come back “in”, whichever came first) was an ongoing saga for years and involved more browsing at more places than I’ll bore you to relate – but I am happy to report that (leveraging 2 different online resources, in the end, to accomplish this task) I was able to find a shower curtain and a window curtain set that will at least work, and that I don’t utterly hate with all that I am (rather like, in fact). OK, so if I had a sewing machine (and any clue how to use one) I could make some adjustments but all in all, it’s working for me.

A very nice set of updated towels later, and a gift card from my sister that helped buy some accessory items, and I’m putting that room (finally!) in the “effectively done” column.


Well, that makes one room, anyway.





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