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And sometimes, you have no choice

Peeling paint in the Saluting Bay
Peeling paint in the Saluting Bay (Photo credit: Denna Jones) Mine wasn’t quite this bad. But it WAS directly over my stovetop. So, ick.

Sure, there were a lot of things I wanted to do just to make the place look better, but to be fair, not everything I decided to do was based on aesthetics.

I hadn’t really thought about updating my kitchen at all. Again, I don’t own the place. So none of the things I’d love to see get updated in there: the flooring, the major appliances, the cabinets, the countertops — wait, that’s almost everything — was something I was going to undertake to update.

That said, I needed to set some new paint up in there, and not even for decorative reasons.

Because that paint that the complex slaps in every direction between tenants? It had started to peel off in places… and one of the places it started to peel off was the cabinets over my stove.

(Clearly they never thought they’d have many tenants stay long enough for that to happen, or maybe they’d at least try matching the type of paint to the intended surface, rather than spray cheap wall paint on metal cabinets.)

Anyway, I’m greatly comforted that the paint had been tested and isn’t lead-based, but forgive me if I’m still not interested in eating it.

So even in the kitchen, there was scraping and sanding and priming and painting.  With paint intended for the purpose, thankyouverymuch.

I wonder if I’ll lose weight now that I’m ingesting less paint with each meal?





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