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Once you get going, it’s hard to stop

Suddenly, with so much improvement going on (ok not that much yet, but I was on a roll), I was tired of a lot of the other things I previously chose to “just live with” at my apartment.

Like, for instance, the fact that I’d had sheers up in the living room without any curtains/drapes to go with them (though I’d intended to get some since I moved in).

Or that the “curtains” in my bedroom was actually just heavy fabric draped over the dual-rod, to block light and partially hide the heinously ugly circa-1970 blinds that came pre-installed in that window.

Heinously ugly circa-70’s blinds

I don’t know when I’d stopped looking for curtains for these windows, but I had.

And now I was looking again.

Actually, the living room curtains that had thwarted me so severely in the past, proved to be surprisingly easy to find this time around.

Matching the bedroom was going to much more difficult, because my bedroom was themed in colors that weren’t, shall we say, “in” so much at the moment, in terms of being available for purchase. So unless I was going to at least be open to changing the lamps and comforter set and shams and pictures and – well, essentially the entire room – this was not a small undertaking. I set that aside for a while.

But slowly, I realized that the comforter set that I love-love-love was getting rather noticably worn out … and no surprise considering that it’s pretty dated. Not only is that design not available any more, neither are the manufacturer or the housewares site I bought them all from!

(Insert another heavy sigh into this entire undertaking)

Eventually, I found curtains that would be fairly neutral and go with the carpeting.

A work in progress

And still more eventually, I recently found a comforter set that I absolutely loved… and with it, some throw pillows that pulled some of the other elements together.

The Euro shams proved a lot harder to coordinate (the old ones are still in the picture), but eventually I did get something that would work…

Still to go: Replacing those pictures and lamps. And I think I’d like some sheers to go with the curtain panels…

Augh. This isn’t boding well.

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