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The repairs continue

Wet Paint
Wet Paint (Photo credit: JohnRiv)

Having repaired the severest signs of my apartment’s slow slide to ruin, and painted one wall in that room and repaired damage in multiple others, it was time to paint over the signs of my repair work.

My paint color was the exact shade of non-descript apartment-offwhite (technically: Antique White) that’s the standard for the apartment units. But it was one gloss shade up from their flatter than completely flat matte paint. Something I could clean if I needed to, etc.  In most places in my unit, the difference between the two was negligible. In others, at just the right angles, differences would show up where one paint abutted the other.

The solution would be to repaint entire walls, but I have (a) pieces of furniture it took much stronger people than me to place in the apartment and that I can’t move alone and (b) I have one wall that simply cannot be reached without putting my life in extreme danger.

I don’t own this place, remember. If I owned it, I’d enlist assistance and borrow or buy more equipment and even consider having a professional in to take care of some of this. (I’d also be thinking “accent wall” by the way.) But I don’t own it. So for now I’ll live with “improved” over “ideal.”

But I did go through and fix the worst of things and also discover the places where the maintenance staff or prior tenants had partially patched things and not sanded/ prepped them properly before another layer of paint was put on them and where, short of really taking on something bigger than a breadbox, I am simply not prepared to address.


And within a day of doing all this, I managed to ding my wall in passing and leave a fresh mark.

(Much Heavier Sigh.)

And that’s how I discovered the wonder of Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® sponge and why I will always keep some on hand, from here on out.

And so, again, it was not perfect but still much better, even if I’m the only one who would likely notice. Which is OK because mostly I’m the one who sees my walls, anyway.

And with all this improvement going on…

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