Links I liked (today)

OK. So look back up at the top of the page. See what it says there? You are fully warned, right there in the heading, that things around here tend toward randomness. Or at least semi-randomness. Truth in advertising, people.

Anyway… here’s three links that I came across today and enjoyed. (OK, it’s 5 links. But that’s just because I’m feeling so generous. Or extra random. Definitely one of those.)

But regardless of how you count them, I enjoyed them. I hope you do too, but to be fair, your mileage may vary.

From the silly to the serious…

Tongue in Cheek: How German Sounds Compared to Other Languages.

Entertainingly SnarkyLife in the Boomer Lane brings us School for Scandal.  (Bonus rewind because I enjoy his snark: Seth Myers on SNL discussing the Winners and Losers of the Petraeus sexting scandal. I guess the “good” news is that there’s always another scandal coming down the pike to make the last one old news.)

Thought Provoking (And Proof that I’m Not Alone In Worrying About Data Privacy): Ars Technica tells us about Terms and Conditions: A movie about privacy policies you’ll actually want to watch. A documentary I would totally see if it was going to play anywhere near anywhere I might be anytime I might be there.  (If you see it, please tell me all about it. Seriously.)  Oh, and if you don’t click through to the movie site at tacma.net, and read their “terms and conditions” you’re missing something. Including some tools to (try) to protect your data (at least a little bit).

And Still More Links (related articles; not part of my blog proper)

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