A tale of two fails – part two

I came back from Ireland, and went back to (sigh) work, and on my way home one fine (hot as Hades) evening, I heard a weird rattle on the passenger side.

I used the automatic window switch to flip the windows on that side open & closed just to make sure they were sealed.

And then, I heard a thunk sound.

And then, I heard a wind sound.

My back window had fallen open, and wouldn’t close back up.

Perfect. Freaking perfect.

When I got home I managed to finagle the window back into a closed position, and then I started calling my dealership.

It’s not “my” dealership, of course. It’s Global Hyundai. But I bought my car there six years ago, and I’ve had all my maintenance done there since, so I think of it as my dealership. Which, I’m pretty sure, is how they want me to think of it.

Surprisingly, they couldn’t fit me in.  Apparently, there’s a recall on some models (for something else) and those need to get priority.

Plus it’s only a window, right? A nuisance repair, really.

IF. IF you have a garage to store your car in, it’s a nuisance repair. IF you have another car to drive so you don’t have to drive the one with the window that FALLS BACK OPEN IF YOU HIT A BUMP, it’s a nuisance repair. On the other hand, if you have no other car to drive, and have to park on the street where an open window means a vehicle open to all comers and the elements, it’s not a nuisance. It’s an enormous pain the backside.

Because the scheduling issue is a recall, no other dealership can help me out any time soon either. Though I have to admit that the dealerships in South Jersey (which are too far away to be even remotely a viable alternative but also don’t know me from Adam) were way more accommodating, including being willing to give me a loaner car, which “my” dealer wasn’t.

Uh huh. I’m making a note of that, guys.

So then my parents helped out by calling the dealerships and repair shops near them, and found someone who could at least diagnose the problem in the short term, and (if they had or could get the part), could repair it.

So they looked at it. And checked all the other windows.

And (as much to their dismay as mine), the driver side rear window broke while they were checking it.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Good news: they can get the part for the driver side rear window from the local Hyundai dealer (Burns. They were super helpful on the phone, too, even though they couldn’t fit me in.)

Bad news: It’s not cheap.

Further bad news: They can’t get the part for the original issue, the passenger side rear window, until too late for me to let them work on it.

OK news: “my” dealership can fit me in a week later, and should have the part on hand.  (If they don’t, after I expressly told them what the issue was, I’m going to be beside myself.)

Bad news: the repair *would* be under warranty if it had happened last year. But alas, like everything else in life, nuisance fails happen only after the warranty period is over.

Net net: A couple hundred dollars later, I still don’t have the original issue fixed, and still have to spend a day in the dealership to get the original problem fixed, to the tune of a couple hundred more.

This whole thing? Big. Fat. Fail.

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