When in Rome (or in my case, Dublin)

English: An example of the newly-designed Guin...
English: An example of the newly-designed Guinness glass, put into use in April 2010. It was designed to gradually replace the older tulip-shaped glasses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What new things I tried while circling Ireland for 12 days:


  • Bailey’s. On ice. Candy in a glass, and not exactly an adventure, but it’s Irish Creme, folks. Totally worth trying.
  • Guinness. OK, just a taste, while touring the facility in Dublin. But as far as I’m concerned, a taste is all that’s required. It’s not my cup of tea. Or glass of Guinness, as the case may be.
  • Irish Whiskey. At the Kilbeggan Distillery. Just a sip, again. And again, that was more than enough for my liking.
  • Irish Coffee. Yup, complete with irish whiskey. And coffee, and sugar, and lightly whipped cream. Dude, I don’t know how anything with whiskey in it could taste so good, but it does.
  • Bulmer’s Cider. Not unlike Mike’s Hard Lemonade, this is a mildly alcoholic version of an old favorite. Only better. Light and crisp and tasty, and with a pleasantly low alchoholic content. No “beery” tastes. A new favorite that I’m dearly going to miss.


  • Fish & Chips. Not a leap by any means. I will report that they were often served with “mushy peas” (read as, peas (which are not food anyway) whipped into a heap of something resembling mashed potatoes. Or maybe a green sorbet of some kind. These I did not try. Because peas are not food.
  • Lamb. Good grief, it’s everywhere. It’s by itself. It’s in stew. It’s even in (shepherds) pie. And I’m not too much of a “lamb” person. But dang if it wasn’t good every place I tried it.
  • Guinness Stew. Again with the lamb. And the Guinness. And mushrooms and onions. So basically, nothing I would normally choose to eat. All under a phyllo dough lid. OH MY GOODNESS YUM.
  • Fish Cakes. Mildly seafoody potato patties. But tasty enough, and I’m just proud of me for trying them.
  • Prawns. General agreement by all who tried them that they were very good the first place we were offered them, and just OK the second place (where I tried them). But whatever. I gave them a go.
  • And more… the menus got to be repetitive but I tried to select something new each night. Except for the potato leek soup. THAT I tried everyplace that offered it as a starter.

What I didn’t try…

  • Kissing a Blarney Stone. DUDE. it’s a rock that thousands of people kiss every day. It requires one going up into the narrow little staircases (the claustrophobes were a little freaked) then being dangled upside down over a hole a long way up (not good for the vertigo-prone, like me), whereupon complete strangers grab hold of you (um, no) so you can stick your mouth on a germy rock. No. No. And No. I accept my lack of eloquence, thanks ever so much. ūüėČ

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  1. Dublin is the best I was so surprised at how big cider was there. Everyone from the old men to the new drinkers were drinking Bulmers! Your article is right on point, everything in here is super popular there. A big hot spot there is also Bewley’s for coffee and really good pastries.


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