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The last few hours

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It’s these last few hours that are the hardest (or so I can say, on the assumption that nothing calamitous happens hereafter, but I am not the One who would know such things. Therefore I leave it in His more capable hands and assume this is, indeed, the worst of it).

My mind is a whirl of checklists. What am I forgetting? Is there anything I need and don’t have, anything that cannot be acquired later?

Lord, go with me, and go before me. Let me feel your presence along the way. Let me trust in it when I can’t feel it. Give me wisdom for the choices I will make. Show me more of who You are, in the things I see, in the places I go, in the people I meet. Most of all, help me draw near to you.  Oh, and I would dearly love to take some great pictures, as long as I’m asking You for stuff.

I hate these last few hours, when I am anxious in both senses, and I can’t tell the difference between anticipatory excitement and a bad case of nerves.

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  1. Coincidentally just got off the phone with a Verizon wireless customer service rep and whilst talking about my vaction data charges that piled up, we got to talking about travel abroad and she brought up the fact that she lived in Ireland for a while and she said that everyone must visit “God’s country” at least once in their lifetime.” I consider this as a great good luck charm for you!


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