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D is for the Deals

For the long weekend I’m at my parents’ house, helping with the setup and manning of a yard sale.

My mother has described it as us putting her whole life on sale around her… My mother has a wonderful flair for the dramatic at times, but on Saturday a lot of stuff left here to bless someone else.

Some of it mom and dad’s, some of it my sister and BIL’s, and even a few items that were mine. Mostly in the guise of stuff I’d set aside for my future kids, that never ended up used by my nieces.

It was drizzly in the morning yesterday, and bone chilling in temperature. But people came anyway, and took away their finds.

Today it’s far nicer out, but it’s Sunday, and the middle day of a long weekend, and it’s a bit forlorn out there. We’ve made one sale, in the form of a rice krispie treat at the table where my Second Beautiful Niece is too cute to pass by twice and not buy.

Still a lot of items left, including an oak dresser and desk that served me well in my high school and college years. So stop on by, and check out the deals. 😉

2 thoughts on “D is for the Deals”

    1. LOL. It was too cold for lemonade (we could have made a killing with coffee & hot chocolate, if we’d thought of it) but on Day 2 our big sellers were the rice krispie squares… my adorable niece sitting there was too cute not to buy from.


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