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C is for Caution

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Instead of wearing the omnipresent boots (they rub against my boo-boos), today I am wearing regular heels.

Which is to say, I’m wearing heels that I don’t wear every day of my life.

Which is to say, I’m more than a little wary of what can go wrong when heels meet stairs.

So once I chose my shoes for today, I carried them downstairs, and put them on as I walked out the door.

I was always a little concerned (knowing me) that one of these days I might lose my footing at the top while gathering up groceries or something, and tumble down. Or fall off a chair while changing the lightbulb at the top of the landing, and break myself to bits.

But I am starting to wonder if this is aptly described as caution… or as crazy.

Maybe when my leg stops aching from the last fall, I’ll regain a healthier perspective? Yeah, let’s say that’s the case.

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