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C is for Contusion. And Cold Compresses.

Severe contusions. Big, bold, rainbow-colored contusions, that don’t particularly like to be touched. Or brushed against. Or leaned on.

Which is better, by far, than having to report that C is for cracked. Or maybe even crutches.

Which is what I would have posted, had the xrays revealed that I’ve been walking around on fractures all week.  But, no, thankfully. Although just standing on them for any length does make my injuries throb a reminder to me, and it’s weird to be really aware of any part of ones body, it really is just bad bruises and a bit of swelling.

Very, very bad bruises. But nothing worse. Thank the Lord!

As I waited for the xrays, I was reminded of the time in high school when I fractured both wrists. Just hairline, but still… it would be weird if I managed to fracture both legs at the same time, too…But graciously, mercifully, gloriously not the case this time. Medically confirmed!


Continued ice and ibuprofen are in my future. He offered me a prescription for something stronger if needed (but I’m really not in screaming agony), and an admonition to be more careful on the stairs in future.

Ya think?

3 thoughts on “C is for Contusion. And Cold Compresses.”

  1. If you can take it, I have had better luck with Aleve than with ibuprofen. It took care of the pain from my broken wrist a lot better (and longer) than ibuprofen, and still works as an anti-inflammatory. Hope your bruises heal soon! Pain is no fun.


  2. Sorry about the fall. I’m glad the xrays came out negative. Hopefully the healing with start to happen in fast motion! Feel better soon.


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