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Easter feast, chez Gringita

My parents joined me for dinner, to celebrate Easter.

For the occasion, I baked bread:

Homemade bread

It’s a basic no-knead recipe. No kneading, so it’s time, not working the dough, that causes the glutens to form.

So I had to wait for it to rise.

And then set it aside to rise again.

Apropos, no?

I thought so too. (Plenty of things great and small to mull over for this most joyous of holidays!)

But back to the mundane. The rest of the menu was

-Honey Glazed Ham
-Rice Pilaf
-Cayenne Sweet Potatoes
-Roasted Asparagus

(None of which have pictures because I was too busy cooking and plating for the table.)

And finally my guava empanada-inspired dessert, in puff pastry.


It was a nice time with the family… We missed being with my sister, BIL and the girls, of course… but they called and that was nice. 🙂

I hope your Easter was happy, healthy and holy.


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