Small pleasures

I am not, as a rule, a big fan of snow. Yeah, sure. It’s pretty, and whatnot, provided one does not have to travel in it or shovel it.

Yesterday morning I heard a lot of alarmed buzz about an impending storm, and when I went looking for information I found this article: Skiers, snowmobilers eager for Northeast snow – Yahoo! Weather.

What is cool about this article is two-fold:

(1) I lived in New England during the blizzard of ’78. We shared an enormous driveway with 3 other families then and when the snow finally got “cleaned up” (as that much snow never-quite-is, until warm weather finally melts it away) we had a mountain of snow at one end of the driveway that was up to the windows, and because of the angle of the driveway that’s really saying something. We hid Easter eggs in the snow that year, and as I recall we never actually found the green one.

(2) They reference a couple of ski areas in the article, including Nashoba Valley Ski Area in Westford, MA. I learned to ski (sort of, I wasn’t that good) in Nashoba Valley, waaaay back in the day.

So for all the impending disaster of the predicted storm (I’m not in New England, so I’m not expecting anything on the order of FEET of snow), this storm is already attached to all sorts of memories. Weathories. Something like that.

Today the snow started just as I might normally leave for work. But I was not leaving for work… I was working at home. Because of the snow.

And by 10 AM, it wasn’t so much snow, as icy mix.

And by noon, it wasn’t so much icy mix, as sharp shards of ice falling out of the sky, as if it was raining glass.

My office closed early (not that this impacts the work-at-home set all that much), but from the relative comfort of home today I have…

(1) made uninterrupted progress on work projects,

(2) hung up the curtains I finally bought for my bedroom (hey, I’ve only lived here for more than a decade… it was getting close to time),

(3) changed the sheets and made the bed (all the way, even the decorative pillows are back in place),

(4) done two loads of laundry (benefited by the combination of it being a workday and it being a snow day, meaning I had sole use of the laundry facilities, which is a rare pleasure in itself, and

(5) written this blog.

And while doing these things I have gone from a morning cup of hazelnut coffee with cinnamon to Dagoba xocolatl. Which is creamy and warm and spicy and not doing my waistline any good at all… but it’s the most delicious and addictive hot chocolate ever. Plus I don’t know how the company actually pronounces Dagoba but in my head it sounds like the star system in The Empire Strikes Back where Luke meets and studies under Yoda.

Do you see how it’s just all good?

Guess I better schedule myself a workout, to offset the creamy chocolate Star Warsy goodness.

2 thoughts on “Small pleasures”

  1. How cool. I also experienced the blizzard of ’78 in the Boston area. I went to my friends house after school, against strong parental advice, and got happily stuck there for a few days, until I could walk the almost 2 miles home. Missed a boatload of shoveling, and my parents were less than pleased.


  2. I think I remember that storm of ’78. I was at college (my fifth year) in the living room of the house where I was living. I was thinking, “wow, this is a major storm, 23 inches.” I missed my next class, I think.

    Stay warm and God Bless!


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