experiments in cooking, flotsam

Lazy Sunday

Sunday. Hazelnut coffee with a hint of cinnamon. Sleeping in. Intermittent flickers of work worry. And time to fix some food.


Specifically, today it’s turkey pot pie.

I’m not a big fan of turkey, in general. But I had leftovers in the freezer, so today I started to part with them.

I didn’t think ahead to defrosting, so I thawed the shredded turkey in chicken broth, which I put on to simmer.

Basically my pot pie recipe comes from America’s Test Kitchen (you should totally check it out and I’d give you the link if I wasn’t posting via my smartphone), but I make some adjustments. For instance, I split the flour they call for into equal parts white and whole wheat flour. And I skip all the mushroom/soy sauce/tomato paste business. I add cream of chicken soup, instead. I tend to swap heavy cream and milk for half and half (because that’s what I tend to have on hand). And of course, no peas.

Bleah, peas are not food.

Pardon me, I’m going to go give it a try, and see how it worked with turkey.

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