One week in

It’s January 7th, and according to my scale, I have, as of today, successfully taken off the weight I put on over the holidays.

This felt more like a victory before I realized that my “pre-holiday” weight was still at the tippity-top of the “healthy BMI range” for my height, and I remembered that I had been struggling to lose from there, had not the holidays come in and derailed me.

Yes, I DID just state that as if the holidays themselves are responsible, and not my own choices. Yes, I heard myself do it. Yes, I know that isn’t really how it works. Look, it’s only day seven of the new year; can you cut me a small break?

I didn’t set any resolutions for this year, and I don’t intend to. Two years ago I “resolved” to post every day, and I almost made it (the end of the year threw me out of whack). Last year’s blogging “resolution” was to respond to every comment on my blog, and I was pretty much on track for a long time but ultimately that fell apart late in the year. Perhaps it was the weeks of travel. Perhaps it was the heavy influx of comment spam. Perhaps it’s that in some cases I could not come up with a single response, and I so felt that my commenters deserved something personable, or even witty, in return for their trouble. Or perhaps it’s that it felt like seeing myself as my top commenter struck me as sad. Really, really sad.

Here are the things that could be resolutions, if I wanted to make resolutions. Which I don’t. But here goes:

To finish my photography class. At this point it’s almost assured that I am going to finish the official program with an incomplete – I suppose I could call and see if they’ll grant me an extension –  but I have all the materials and I could still DO the lessons for my own betterment. And that was sort of the point.

To get myself down to somewhere in the middle range of my ideal BMI, and maintain there. Which translates to making healthier food-and-exercise choices, on a more consistent basis. Prepare yourselves for not-very-exciting blogs on what-I-made-for-dinner. I’ll try to learn some new recipes in the process, so I don’t have to just post “I prepared meal number 5 tonight.”

To turn into someone who appears to have any kind of style. I might not have gotten the fashion gene, but it’s just possible that reveling in my own low-maintenance-ness is So Last Season. I’m never going to be inclined to put in tons of effort, and I have to accept my own fashion cluelessness, but I bet a wardrobe lift (and purge) would go a long way.  (This will require me to call in reinforcements – in part because I’m inept and in part because I so loathe shopping that it would be better to have someone there to keep me from giving up.)

[Side note: If I won the lottery, I would SO hire a personal shopper. And personal trainer? A personal chef?]

To read as many books again as I did last year. I was going to say “read more” because I haven’t been making much headway of late, but in reality I’m reading both Austen’s Mansfield Park and rereading Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities at present and Dickens in particular is harder reading than your average modern novel. Mostly, I believe, because my brain has gotten so lazy. Plus I just checked my cloud library list and apparently I read 20 books last year, just in Kindle format, and I know I read *at least* 2 more in paper format. Considering that most of the books in my queue right now are long, heavy-reading classics, I’d consider it a win to make anything like the same kind of progress; actually, a book a month might be more manageable. Especially when I don’t have a beach vacation in queue this year, and that’s where I get my most voracious reading done.

To go somewhere new. Last year I stayed in the US but I did manage to get to 9 new states, plus learned to pump gas AND rode a Wine Train in the Napa Valley, so I worked in a few new experiences for 2012. Not bad. Still, Ireland has been at the top of my short list for the last 3 years in a row. New Zealand would be amazing. Patagonia is supposed to be breathtaking. The world is just full of amazing things to do and see. And of course I have those last 5 states to visit. Nothing is planned yet (it is only Jan 7) but I definitely feel a need to start making something happen in the “new places” department. (Any suggestions are, as always, much appreciated.)

To see my nieces more. It occurs to me that I see my nieces about 4 times a year, what with holidays and birthday gatherings and the like. This, my friends, is pathetic. So maybe I need to make at least one of my adventures less about going somewhere new, and more about doing something new… with my girls.

But I’m not making resolutions, per se.

What are you (not) resolving to do this year?

2 thoughts on “One week in”

  1. To start sending birthday cards to my nephews and nieces and cousins and of course brother and sisters. To show I am human! Happy New Year.


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