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Oops I did it again

S'more Rice Krispie Squares
S’more Rice Krispie Squares (Photo credit: paige_eliz)

Oops. Once again, I abandoned my blog for extensive periods. My bad.

And there aren’t even any excuses, especially considering that puh-lenty of other people have managed to have lives and careers and hobbies and holidays (mine were spent with family, and just wonderful thank you… I hope yours were as well) … and yet they still maintain blogs. Apparently.

And apparently, I am not one of those people. And this despite barely having a life, and ignoring my hobbies, and not even sending cards or decorating for the holidays this year. Sorry.

So… here we are. Last day of 2012. A work-day for me, but only partly. Would rather be home in bed. Would rather not be fighting technical difficulties. Would rather be watching a college Bowl Game today. Would rather be dreaming up my escapes for 2013.

Would rather be working on the desserts I’m planning to bring over to my friend’s house tonight. Which will either be guava empanadas, or browned butter rice squares. Depending which one works out.

Aside from the sheer shock of cooking for other people, I am really excited just to see my friends tonight. It’s been too long. Way, way too long.

So I really hope I don’t poison anyone with my dessert selections. Just sayin’.

I hope your day — and the new year — is full of things for which you are thankful.

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