Holiday traditions

Two days ago I got together with a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in two years.

(And because he’s a faithful reader, I just know he’s been wondering when I was going to blog about it since then.)

It’s a pseudo-tradition, now. Once every other year (give or take a year) we get together, and – at least in recent years – have some kind of culinary adventure, and reminisce (at least some of it about the bad-old-days, and how we survived them) and catch each other up on work stuff since so much has changed for both of us since way-back-when, with a healthy smattering of how’s-the-family and what-are-your-holiday-plans for good measure.

I don’t remember where we went the first year (can see the restaurant in my head, know that it was chosen as being squarely between our offices, but honestly don’t remember what we had).

I know the next time (only 1 year later, that time) we went to Pithiri for Greek food, and tried but hated the octopus for which they are, apparently, famous. We might say infamous. I didn’t like the texture. He doesn’t like tentacles. Our reactions might have been predictable.

The time before this one, we went (I am reasonably sure) to Al Dente for a very Tuscan-inspired experience… a nod to my trip to Italy in the intervening year.

This year we went to Narenj for Persian food: falafel, hummus, spinach pie, an eggplant dish I will not possibly spell correctly. And of course, kebabs with basmati rice and the yogurt sauce that has a name I can’t remember. And then, because they really wanted to close for the window between lunch and dinner, we popped a few doors down for coffee at Panera.

The food was good. Seeing my friend was even better.
Fantastic, even.

Thanks, friend. It was great to see you. Best to you and “your girls” for the holidays. 😀
And, not to pressure you or anything, but next time it’s up to
you to choose the adventure. No worries… you have two years to think about it. LOL

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