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12-12-12 and other cool dates

The Jetsons
The Jetsons (Photo credit: Wikipedia) in their flying car.

It’s December 12, 2012.

It’s the last year that there will be a triple-repeating date like this for a very long time (in that there is no 13th month, in case anyone is not following along with the reasoning). Best we will do for the next 88 years is Jan 3, 2013 (1-3-13) etc. (Or I suppose, if you’re in parts of the world that put the day first when you shorthand dates: March 1, same deal.)

Which reminded me, earlier this week, of how I always liked Jan 9. In the 1900’s (wow, that makes it sound like it was FOREVER ago), January 9 was a cool date, in my mind. Randomly selected example: January 9, 1977 was also 1-9-77 (or 1/9/77 or 1.9.77 depending on your preference for punctuation), which happened to be the full year also. I suppose that January 8 would have been cool in the 1800’s to some strange person or another whose mind works like mine, and so on and so on back until, well, until dates were a lot shorter.

{Pause again for expansion of my own ethnocentricism. Not that far back, we only go back a few hundred years in this country. In Europe, it would have been Sept 1, and before that Aug 1, and so on; future shift will be to Jan 2 in those places. Not to mention a completely different counting system for Asia and the Jewish calendar, etc.}

Nevertheless, to get back to point — in my lifetime, and for where I live, January 9 was a cool date. Right up until now-almost-14 years ago, when Jan 9, 1999 occurred. It was a long way to 2000, which is where all the hoopla was happening, and maybe I’m the only oddball who thought of that day as significant anyway. But after 1/9/99, there wasn’t going to be another cool date like that for another 100 years, because there is no zeroth day of the month. In 2100, February 1  will become the new cool date for the next 100 years. I won’t see it, of course. Lots of people will live their entire lives within that 100 year span, and won’t ever live in a time where this odd little quirk (that no-one-probably-noticed-but-me-anyway) is even possible, to be noticed.

Just like it won’t be until Jan 1, 2101 (01/01/01) before there will be date that can be written in triplicate again.

Happy New Year, people of the future.
Do you have flying cars yet? It will really be disappointing if there STILL aren’t flying cars, like The Jetsons promised.

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