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Don’t trust the post office (revisited)

A diagram showing the reverse side of a typica...
A diagram showing the reverse side of a typical credit/debit card. (1) is the magnetic stripe. (2) is the signature strip (3) is the CVC2 code (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two months ago, I went to pay one of my bills online, and as I did so it almost randomly occurred to me that I could not remembered when I’d last paid my credit card bill. So I checked, and it turned out that I had last paid a little over a month ago.

Uh oh. That’s ominous.

I pay my bills on time, and except for the most unusual of circumstances, in full.

However, I didn’t pay the bill, because I didn’t receive the bill.

So I called MasterCard, and found out my payment was due in two days. Unfortunately, because of the day of the week that I discovered all this, the soonest I could get the payment transferred was three days later. So then I talked to customer service, who checked my record, and listened to my tale of woe, and offered to waive the late fee, if there was one. (They couldn’t do it there and then, because the fee hadn’t been charged yet.)

The following month I had to call again, because they’d forgotten to waive the late fee. But whatever. That part got resolved.

The late fees were frustrating. The part that was more worrisome was this: What happened to my bill? Had it been stolen? Misdirected?

Today I found out what happened to it.

My long-time readers know that a few months ago, I went on a driving adventure. For newer arrivals, let me clarify: I went away starting at the end of September. We are now a week into December.

I was gone for a couple of weeks. I had my mail held. And when I got back, my mail started being delivered again. Which I considered to be success, because I’ve had problems with mail hold before. There was my mail, and all was well. Right?

Wrong. Apparently, not all of it had been redelivered.

A good 15 items showed up today, all marked “Hold” and all now more than 2 months out of date.

This, my friends, is government efficiency at work. Thank God they were only in charge of delivering my mail, and not managing my healthcare

Oh wait.

There’s a terrifying thought.

Whatever. Just whatever you do, don’t trust the post office with your mail.

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