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Well played, Mr. Spammer

no spam!
no spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following Superstorm Sandy (she’s not even referred to as a Hurricane anymore, yo) I was without power for roughly a week. Which, comparatively speaking, makes me extremely fortunate.

I mention it because I posted about it under the title of being “powerless” and today I got this amusingly almost-on-target bit of spam-commentry:

I think what you are seeing may be a software issue, not a hardware issue.I’ve seen networking drop when using a powered hub with keyboard/mouse attached. Starting the GPM console mouse service or X Windows killed the networking.I used an oscilloscope to verify the voltages on my Pi were within spec the entire time.I eventually found a mouse that didn’t cause this issue…. The problem mouse was a Logitech and the “working” one is a $5 wired mouse from Monoprice.I documented my findings in [spam link removed], but have yet to receive any response from anyone officially involved with the Pi. A little annoyed at that given I spent quite a few hours troubleshooting, borrowing the oscilloscope, etc.Are you using a mouse?Can you boot your pi with no USB devices connected and use SSH to log into it and see if the networking stays up when you do that?

I actually let the comment (with the removal of all links) go ahead and reside on my blog, just so you can see it in all its almost-original glory.

Here’s why I’m highlighting this piece of spam, with sincere thanks (and all due credit) to Idebenone.

  1. All the words appear to be words. This in itself is a huge improvement over all the spam comments I get (and thank you Akismet for filtering out) that contain nothing but random collections of letters, interspersed with links I would NEVER allow to be posted on my blog, sending my dear readers heaven-knows-where.
  2. It’s not about SEO (search engine optimization), nor does it reference repeatedly links to “lista de emails.”
  3. It’s not a shameless (but oddly-worded) compliment-fest, blowing smoke up my backside about how superlative in every way “this post” was on a topic they have “long been researching.” (I’m always extra (un) impressed when the post in question is more flotsamy than even my posts tend to be. You’ve been researching my first day back from vacation extensively? Dude, that’s just creepy.)
  4. The “reply” name (Idebenone — which I read as “I DB None”) isn’t ridiculously obvious, nor is it obscene or offensive. Because seriously, even if your comment was completely legit, if your “name” is HotBabes or GenericViagra, I’m assuming you’re spam. Which I guess also speaks to the importance of parents thinking carefully about the repercussions when they name their children, which is a different peeve entirely, but you know it’s going to happen.
  5. It’s almost on target, in a way I find amusing. I posted about being without power, meaning, without electricity to my home. This is on troubleshooting technology issues, which might also cause devices to be “without power.”  I’m impressed with how close the spam algorithm got to something “on topic” for its evil and deceptive purposes. And I’m terrified by how close it got, and how close it could get in the future.

In any case, as spam comments go, I have to give this comment a B-.

As comments overall go, of course, the best I can give it is an F+. After all, it’s still spam.

And hey, spammers? You suck.

6 thoughts on “Well played, Mr. Spammer”

  1. Funny followup: I got a spam comment on this post…

    It is from “lista de email” and reads, “haha! i agree with you!”… followed by five links for lista de email (again, actual link excluded).

    I am pretty sure that just opened up a wormhole.


  2. And “ring me up” posts:

    “I’ve been surfing online more than 3 hours as of late, yet I never discovered any interesting article like yours. It is pretty value sufficient for me. In my opinion, if all webmasters and bloggers made excellent content as you probably did, the web will probably be much more useful than ever before.”

    Yup. Exactly. Every possible example of the kind of crap I mentioned is trickling in on this post


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