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Ciao Italia!

Venice decorated for the Christmas holidays (2009)
Venice decorated for the Christmas holidays (2009)

Three years ago this month, my sister and I went to Italy. It was our first “sister’s trip” (and only, so far), and our first time to Italy (and only, so far). It was a great trip… in part because Italy is amazing but even more because I was able to share it with my sister.  As I hacked and wheezed my way through the countryside.

Italy was amazing.  (My sister is always amazing to me <3)

The tour company, in my opinion, was not.

I’ve run into people at airports carrying their signature tote bag, the one they give customers. I’ve asked about these people experience. They all say it’s been great. And don’t get me wrong: it’s not like they stranded us anywhere, or absconded with our funds, or anything like that. It really wasn’t awful. It was just… well. I don’t know.

Italy was wonderful. I loved being there, and I loved being with my sister. And there were at least a couple of genuinely nice, apparently normal people on the tour with us.


Anyway, this was just on my mind today because I haven’t heard “Boo” from the tour company since we went, aside from the occasional nondescript catalog of tours.

But today, they called me. Left me a message, as if they were a long-lost friend. Letting me know they have discounts available on upcoming tours.

If only I had any vacation left this year.

If only it wasn’t just-about-the-holidays.

If only my sister were free to take off and see another part of the world with me.

If only my Second Beautiful Niece has any intention of ever letting her last trip away with me slide.

If only.

Seriously… see Italy. See it with someone you love. (Romance optional.)
It’s amazing.

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