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My bad, but I’m back

No less than three people in the last 24 hours have pointed out that I have (to all outward appearances) abandoned my blog – and by extension my few but precious readers – for weeks now. At least one mentioned it with a little bit of concern. My bad.

It’s fine here, it’s just… what to write, you know?  Blah blah work, blah blah holidays, blah blah housekeeping, blah blah more work.

Blah. No one wants to hear that, and I don’t want to write it.

Anyway, yesterday I opened one of my 52-thoughts, and it was from my First Beautiful Niece, and says simply:

You are so awesome!

Now, you don’t know my FBN. So you can’t hear in your head the enthusiasm with which she says things. But I can. I can hear her voice right through this little slip of paper, and it makes me smile so hard my face hurts.

Because she, and her sister, are both so totally awesome, that I can’t even express how blessed I feel to be their aunt.

Since that might seem “light” for a return blog (especially for those of you who don’t know and love my Beautiful Nieces), I’ll just supplement by telling you that for some reason I was up for the better part of last night. Some time after 2:30AM I actually fell asleep, but not before thinking of at least two possible “today has a theme song” motifs to attach to it – for blogging purposes, so see how I was thinking of you? – and another one on my way to work.

Enjoy your music interlude, and I hope you sleep well tonight.

… Cuz I’m not sleeping…

… I’m wide awake…

… I didn’t get to sleep at all…

I actually didn’t have a half-bad day, considering how little sleep I was operating on. Grace abounds, y’all.

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